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Slow Drain
Search for a little while longer
Pushing the crack further apart
Just enough to lay your head down
Within its cramped quarters
Eyes covered by the absence of light
At one with the surroundings
Liquid black silk flowing over the face
Covering and holding tight
Feel cold flow down into lungs
Caught off guard and unprepared
Shock races forward
Ebbs just as fast
Still pushing further
Hands outstretched
Extending into a nether region
With no warning attention is lost to detail
Looking above with saucer eyes
Tiny star surrounded by an abyss
Cold and alone
Pleads for help are unnoticed
Drained of all sustenance
Fall back into the nothing
And stare strait up
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From Afar
Watching from afar
As your heart shatters inside
From this vantage point
There is nothing that can be done
Tears unseen yet they must stain
Hands fail to hold back feelings
That pour out like a flood
Sound unheard but it must be loud
Your siren of need of want
Calling out to anyone who will answer
Unblinking stare goes on watching
Wanting to be there
Knowing it's not possible
Lowered head closed eyes
Soon enough perhaps some will be well.
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The Fall
Staring down at the world
Ever so close
Yet so far
Teetering on rigid toes
Film playing inside
Paper realeased from quivering fingers
Weighless as its journey starts
At the bottom, blown and kicked
Soon torn asunder
Wind surrounding as a cold blanket
Through outstreched fingers
Over spread arms
That second, everything holds still
Not a sound is created
Disconnecting from the perch
The brilliance can still be seen
Through eyes which are closed
Air passing quicker
Breathing becoming calmer
Done for reasons unknown
Sooner than this all started
It is comptleted
With contact only imagined
Those closed eyes have snapped open
Piercing the sky with a gaze unblinking
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Pipe Dreams by EctoParasite Pipe Dreams :iconectoparasite:EctoParasite 0 0 Scalpel Eye Hand by EctoParasite Scalpel Eye Hand :iconectoparasite:EctoParasite 0 0 Fat Man On The Couch by EctoParasite Fat Man On The Couch :iconectoparasite:EctoParasite 0 0 Three Hands by EctoParasite Three Hands :iconectoparasite:EctoParasite 0 0
Fiber by Fiber
The gallows stand higher than ever before
A testament to the power
The strength of the foundation shows
Toiling away under a watchful eye
Self sentence awaits completion
Every detail analyzed
Mistakes are made and promptly corrected
Bereavement recieved
Slaps from the hand that has tolerated enough
Rain down on a tired body
One piece placed on another
Interwoven again and again
The inches begin to pile up
It all comes together
No mandatory celebration
Just a sigh with closed eyes
Finished product gathered and carried
Weight put upon the back
The constant companion
Pressuring reminder of what
Will become soon enough
Climbing the stairs to meet destiny
The watcher directing
Is just met with a silent stare
Hatred bleeding from the mouth
Directions could not be clearer
Followed like a road map
That creation rests upon the shoulders
Cold weight nudges forward
Restraints slipped on
Finally reality falls
The end is never seen
Only touched for one brief moment
Now just the memory remains, alth
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Resident Within
Parasite residing within
Churning and burning
Feeling the movement spread
Pushing down throughout the body
Cringing knowing there is nothing to do
Wishing for some relief yet it never arrives
Writhe around in circles
Try to find a route of escape
The teeth are clenched
Eyes pressed tight pressing tears out
Breaths come from struggled gasps
Sounds of the rasps fill the room
Nobody can reach a diagnosis
Those experts have failed
Leaving death to waft over all
Continuing to reach for help
Met with turned backs and crossed arms
Subject of ridicule
This was just one big experiment
Illusions were put up and they succeeded
Smoke screen blinded then confused
Finding the difficulty of belief
Project shut down, watch the lights flare out.
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Smoke and Words
Is what was said just smoke
Utterances piercing auditory senses
Pull the veil over an open mouth
To stop the bleeding of words
Even that is not enough
Hand has been soaked and they run over
Things that are said become pleasure
Making a smile cross the face
Requesting confirmation of everything
Just a slight nod is given back
Mind is to preoccupied with everything else
Sensation travels through body and soul
The process has reached the climax
Later than planned but still it happened
Thanks handed down
Slowly returning to normal
All parties are subdued below
Turbulence coming to a close
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These Creations
Proverbial freaks
Is what they are
Created from the gun and flame
Plastic little souls held in hands
Broken into many pieces
Some larger than others
Harvested by hand as quick as possible
For the time has come
Spread upon the floor
Different pieces staring back
One at a time meets flame
Pieces bonded together
Forming new relationships
How ugly they are
Compared to how they were before
Yet beautiful in these eyes
Willing to look past
Disfigurements are the obsession
Just a continuous stream of parts
Taking shapes never before seen
Imaginary world rears its face
Contentment spreads over
:iconectoparasite:EctoParasite 0 1
Wishing For Deaf
Staring into the mirror to long
Sights directly through the soul
Beautifully ugly things that should not be
Rigormortis eyes won't close
Frightening feelings broiling within
They have come out for the hunt again
Invisible people standing behind
Placing cold hands upon the shoulders
To scared to scream or run
Voices voices everywhere yet nobody there
Attempting to shut them out efforts fail
Tongues of ice penetrate through and through
Suffering pushed deeper inside than before
Directly into the center of the mind
Growing tumor feasting away
What is necessary
This will be now
End of a life
:iconectoparasite:EctoParasite 0 0
Take that cure of yours
Throw it down that greedy throat
Aspirate on the liquid used to push it down
Vertical fetus
Gasping gagging struggling trudging
Staring there is no sympathy felt
Don't look here for help
No hands will reach out to pick up the pieces
Diseased you be diseased you'll die
Clawing at the flesh seeking the cause
More harm more damage
Pain beyond any felt before
Tearing oneself apart from the inside
Pleading for it to be taken out
Self surgery gone awry
This is all wrong this is what we all know
So right so wrong to stare and smile
Behind the doors everything unfolds
Like lifting a blindfold off our eyes
Scene of pleasureable horror
This misery of yours is our bliss
Lights out all alone to your devises
:iconectoparasite:EctoParasite 0 0
Feel No Need
Thrown about the world
Undeniable failures await every turn
Just dive right in without even looking
Taken so many steps back
Count has been lost must start again
Places where one has been dragged show
Clawing at the ground in hopes to slow progress
The grip is unbreakable
The plan unfathomable
Despicable acts
Forever ashamed
Tried as hard as possible
In the end all was lost
Back to the beginning
Forced to start it all again
Protest is greeted with ferocity
Brutalization reinforced with tenacity
Just look how the noose fits.
:iconectoparasite:EctoParasite 0 0
Just A Tragedy Awaiting
Few to none can see
What everything has done
Pressure encased inside the mind
Personal thoughts forced to rest
Inability to vocalize
They have stolen the words from the unopened mouth
Violated beyond recognition
Not even the same as before
Where is the help they said would be sent
Lying fiends laughing blindly
Transformation quickens on the inside
Soon after the symptoms surface
They begin reaching out now
It is just to late now
When will they listen
Not now or ever
Tear soaked we weep and pray
Begging for forgiveness that will not arrive
Seeking excuses
They are the reason this is brought upon
Look deep inside to find
To blind to see what has happened
Lovely when the make up smears
Gripping faces holding frail hands
Time is up friends
Enjoy the view from your thrones.
:iconectoparasite:EctoParasite 0 0
Any Way Out
Wishing to disappear
For black to envelope her body as a whole
Ultimate level of peace
One cut at a time
The message is clear to all
Fragments of a life strewn
Inhaling the water of the air
Permanent reminders of the pain
Etched in skin in her memory
Trying to heal
Wanting for feelings to return
Numb is the cover
Not feeling just floating
What is thought of as self preservation
Is just self destruction
Chaos abounds the body has weakened
Punctures revive reality for a moment
Still here she is
Blood stained tears
Holding down the fears
Streaming for all corners
Seeking relief of the purest form
Reaching out can nobody hear
They just stand around to look
Empty stares empty faces
As fragile as a shell
Wishing for a cloud to clear
Darkness comforts
Darkness pains
To step out would be treason
Hoping for an understanding.
:iconectoparasite:EctoParasite 0 0


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